Dream Village Weekend 2019
Lage Aard, Breda
Dream Village Weekend 2018 | Official Aftermovie

Feel the magic of The Story Of The Seven Districts with the Official Aftermovie of Dream Village 2018!

Make sure to be there the first weekend of September 2019!

Sefa en Jebroer hosten eigen stage op Dream Village 2018

Sefa zal op zondag 2 september de Vendetta stage hosten. Met optredens op de grootste harde stijlen festivals behoort Sefa toch echt bij de grote. Sefa zet de stage in het Red Light District compleet op zijn kop met o.a. Omkara LIVE, Deadly Guns en Spitnoise. Hij zal ook op de The Source (mainstage) achter zijn piano kruipen.

De fans van Jebroer kunnen op zaterdag 1 september los gaan bij 'Jebroer presents Paranoia'. Jebroer verwelkomt o.a. Paul Elstak, Dr Phunk en Outsiders. Met deze freestyle en hardstyle artiesten maakte Jebroer een aantal tracks die op zijn album 'Paranoia' terug te vinden zijn.

Dream Village Weekend
Dream Village 2018 | Official Trailer

Dear fellow villagers, let us tell you a story... The story of the 7 districts. 

Dream Village Weekend
Daylight Festival 2018 | Official Aftermovie

Relive the most insane day EVER: The official aftermovie is here for you lunatics! See you next year!

Daylight Festival
Full Line-up Release Daylight Festival!

Masters of the sky! On July 7th we gather at Breda Airport.

Together with the Lunatics of the sky we take off for ‘the flight of madness’. We’ll start at the Flightbase and they will take us on a crazy flight to Tibet and the Black Hills. We proudly present you: the full line up!

Flightbase (mainstage):
B-front – Sub Zero Project – Lunatics of the sky (Zany & DV8) – Paul Elstak – Phuture Noize LIVE – Digital Punk – Requiem – Warface – Deetox – D-sturb – Bass Chaserz – Clockartz – MC DL

Tibet Trip (freestyle):
Ransom – Outsiders - Rät N FrikK LIVE – Dr. Rude – Genius & Nowaxx – Plug ‘N Play – MC The Russian – The Viper – Ruthless – Dr Phunk – Franky Dux – Yves

Black Hills (raw & harder):
Jason Payne – Unresolved – Caine & Thera – Rejecta – Ncrypta – Spitnoise – Luminite – Ceazar – MYST – D-Fence – Audio Mechanics – Angernoizer – MC Raise

Flight Academy (Talent Stage)

Prepare yourself to witness this years Official Take Off Show starring ‘The Lunatics of the Sky’: Capt. Zany & Lt. DV8. During this turbulent flight these legendary madmen will shoot you high into the sky. Taking you far above and beyond your wildest imaginations straight to your maximum level of insanity!

Fasten your seatbelts for the loudest live perfomances, 4 astonishing stages, sexy flight-attendances and thousands of fellow lunatics. No limits, no boundaries, no rules….. Get ready for the flight of your life!

BE AWARE: It’s only a matter of time before flight #DL18 will be fully booked.
Get your boarding passes now. We can assure you this is an insane flight you don’t want to miss!

Daylight Festival
First names Daylight Festival 2018

With only two months to go till Daylight 2018, artists are joining the flight of madness! Therefore, it’s time to let you know with which DJ’s you can lose your mind on July 7 at Breda International Airport. Don’t worry, this is only PHASE 1. 

A memorable beginning of a crazy line up with DJ’s such as Phuture Noize (live), warface, D-sturb and many more! Find out which DJ’s you can find at Daylight 2018 in the video down below.


Flightbase (mainstage)

  • Clockartz
  • Deetox
  • Warface
  • Bass Chaserz
  • D-sturb
  • Requiem
  • Digital Punk
  • Phuture Noize LIVE
  • MC DL

*more to be announced soon*

Blackhills (Freestyle)

  • The Viper
  • Ruthless
  • Dr Phunk
  • Franky Dux
  • Yves

*more to be announced soon*

Tibet Trip (Raw & Harder)

  • D-fence
  • MYST
  • Audio Mechanics
  • Angermoizer
  • MC Raise *more to be announced soon*  
Daylight Festival
Dream Village 2018 - The people & Artists
Dream Village 2018 - The people & Artists
Daylight Festival 2018
Daylight Festival 2018
Dream Village Weekend 2018 | Official Aftermovie
Dream Village Weekend 2018 | Official Aftermovie
Dream Village 2018 | Official Trailer
Dream Village 2018 | Official Trailer
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30/07 10:19
30/07 10:14
07/07 23:40
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